Mrs. Straolzini


I would like to welcome you to our 6th grade classroom.  I'm excited to be able to spend the year on this educational journey with all of you.  This will be a special is the year where we spend our time making sure you are prepared for the next step to middle school. From Language Arts and Mathematics to Earth Science and Ancient Civilizations, we have so many concepts and subjects to cover.  Printed below is a list of recommended materials that will help get the year off to a well-prepared start:

  Supply List

* Backpack

* Composition Book

* 3-ring Binder (1.5 inch)

* 2-pocket folders (2-4)

* Colored Pencils **

* Crayons

* Index cards **

* Filler/Binder paper

* Book Covers (these are now readily available and fairly inexpensive and provides protection of the books)

* Pencils and Pens (Blue or Black ink)

* Pencil Sharpener

* Highlighters will be helpful

* Calculator is helpful; but not necessary